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Business Review & Assessment

This involves a venue visit and one-on-one interviews with key staff and ownership.  We focus on the key areas that ownership feels need to be addressed. We review current programs and procedures. We then provide a complete assessment report discussing opportunities and provide a custom plan with proposed solutions.  

Employee Training Solutions

We can review your current program and revise to improve employee efficiency, or, we can build an entire program from scratch. These solutions include job descriptions and updated guest service focus.

Customer Service Improvement Solutions

We review the current challenges and design a guest-focused program to improve customer satisfaction.  This can be done as an individual program or as part of our Employee Training Solution (see above.)

Food & Beverage Solutions

We can provide a complete menu review and design, or look at any portion of your F&B that needs attention. From food costing, supplier sourcing, item profitability review, or service, we can provide solutions to improve your operation.

Marketing & PR Plans

Solutions to improve any portion of your marketing and PR platforms, designed especially for your venue. We’ll guide you to the most affordable and effective plans that can help drive more traffic into your venue. 

Full Venue Management

Looking to build a new venue or own one currently, but not interested in operating it day to day? We offer a solution with third party management. We offer expertise in Center Operations, F&B, Facility Maintenance, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Procurement, and more.

Cost Structure Review

If you are not driving enough profit to your bottom line, we can review your cost structures and see how you fair against industry norms. We review payroll, food, supplies, repairs and maintenance, and other costs that may be hurting your profits. We then provide solutions to get you back on track to maximize your margins.

Facility Upgrades & Improvements

Looking to make improvements to your center but don’t know where to begin? We can help you prioritize and devise a plan, including a budget, to ensure you get the best return on your investment. 

HR & Culture Development

Want to build a company culture that retains team members and attracts the best talent? We can help build a plan that helps you improve hiring and training for your venue.

New Business Opening

Planning to open a new venue soon?  We can guide you through the process.  Our industry knowledge can point you toward the right vendors, attractions, and programs to help you be successful right out of the gate.